Managed Hosting is best described in which a service provider leases dedicated services for a customer and managed those servers on the customer’s behalf. For a small business owner, this can be a great benefit opposed to the business managing the server. Here is a few big advantages to having Managed Hosting.

  1. Cheaper than self managed hosting: Typically, Managed Hosting will be cheaper than just running your own server.
  2. Technical Support: With Managed hosting, you do not have to worry about hiring someone to manage the server. As a service you can rely experts to fix any problems that can affect a website
  3. Security: Just like computers, websites can be infected with malware and websites can be hacked. With managed hosting, you can have piece of mind that your website and customers will be safe.
  4. Consult with Experts: If you need additional services like email, SSL, advanged configuration, backup, anything else, you can talk to your service provider as they will know the best way to get what you what.
  5. Monitoring: Service providers would make sure your website is always available. If for someone reason your website went down, they will take a look at the website and fix it.